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Brand Story

Septrainbow® is a trailblazer in umbrella innovation. We have been committed to design and make umbrellas for nearly 30 years, providing the fashionable, classic and durable umbrellas for many famous brands around the world, inclusive luxury umbrella brand. The products are favored and appreciated by vast of customers. 
One day, some individualized consumers find us ! They want some favorite personalized umbrellas, to have their life details on the umbrella, to make their own DIY creative works on the umbrella, to have a commemorative photo on the umbrella, and so on, like the childhood memory, award-winning works, wedding photo, graduation photo and the photo of family/friend/lover/pet etc. A unique personalized umbrella made by themselves ! Fantastic idea ! While no manufacturers could achieve their dreams as they could not make for one or several pieces. Fortunately, they found us !
In order to meet the individual needs of our lovely consumers, we create a brand Septrainbow®, which specializing in the design, development and production of personalized umbrellas. Even if there is only one piece, we can tailor it for you. This is a unique umbrella ! In addition to the unique personalized printing, the umbrella style is classic and fashionable. Its function and shape are full of individual pursuit !
Septrainbow® logo, the Sept is "seven" in French, meaning "Rainbow in July", nice and amazing! We hope we could provide you an umbrella as a rainbow in July, bringing surprises, happiness, and memories to you who love personalization !