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Our Story

Septrainbow® is a constantly evolving innovative individuation brand dedicated to bringing you the best in personalized products. We believe that every person is unique and we are each in control of our own personalised style.
Septrainbow® logo, the Sept is "seven" in French, meaning "Rainbow in July", nice and amazing! We hope we could provide you an umbrella as a rainbow in July, bringing surprises, happiness, and memories to you who love personalization ! 
At Septrainbow, personality is more than skin deep or apparel fashionable. We are inspired by our community of passionate women and men — yesterday, today, tomorrow and future. Whether you can’t get enough of our umbrella or apparel, you’ve liked our social posts or innovations, or love sharing our amazing creative products with friends, family and partners, YOU are a important part of the SeptRainbow Family. Warmly welcome to our community — we toast the big and small successes in life, in love and at work.