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Brand Story

One day, some individualized consumers find us ! They want some favorite personalized umbrellas and t shirts, to have their life details on the umbrella and t shirt, to make their own DIY creative works on the umbrella or t shirt, to have a commemorative photo on the umbrella or t shirt, and so on, like the childhood memory, award-winning works, wedding photo, graduation photo and the photo of family, friend, lover and pet etc. A unique personalized gift made by themselves ! Fantastic idea ! While no manufacturers could achieve their dreams as they could not make for one or several pieces. Fortunately, they found us !
In order to meet the individual needs of our lovely consumers, we create a brand Septrainbow®, which specializing in the design, development and production of personalized umbrellas and t shirts. Even if there is only one piece, we can tailor it for you. This is a unique DIY gift ! In addition to the unique personalized printing, the style is classic and fashionable. Its function and shape are full of individual pursuit !
Septrainbow® logo, the Sept is "seven" in French, meaning "Rainbow in July", nice and amazing! We hope we could provide you an umbrella as a rainbow in July, bringing surprises, happiness, and memories to you who love personalization !