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Below countries are shipped through EMS:
Delivery to Countries
Shipment A
 / Delivery Time
(For Compact Collection Items)
Shipment B
 / Delivery Time
(For Golf Collection Items)
7-10 days
5-7 days
New Zealand
7-10 days
6-8 days
Hong Kong,China
7-10 days
2-4 days
7-10 days
2-4 days
7-10 days
2-4 days
7-10 days
3-7 days
7-10 days
3-7 days
5-7 days
3-7 days
All online orders to above countries are Free shipping.
♦ Because the size of compact collection are different with golf collection, We have to use different express methods for shipment, So the delivery time is also different, Please see our detailed DELIVERY TIME guidelines as above.
♦ If your order has both compact collection & golf collection, We will ship by “ Shipment B ”.

Below countries are shipped through DHL/TNT/DPEX :
Delivery to Countries
Shipping Method
Tracking Site
Delivery Time
(For all items)
Canada,  Germany,
Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg,
San Marino, Austria, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guernsey,
Ireland, Jersey, Norway,
Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland,
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Czech Republic,
Hungary, Poland, Romania, Turkey,
Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, France
Japan, Spain, Australia, UK
4-6 days
Mexico, Egypt, Honduras, Panama,
Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica,
Dominican Republic, Peru,
Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina,
Brazil, Cuba, 
Jamaica, Uruguay, Paraguay,
South Africa, Bahamas, Russia
5-7 days
Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia,
Cambodia, Laos
3-5 days
United Arab Emirates, Bahrain,
Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,
Jordan, Israel
4-6 days
Oman, Pakistan
5-7 days

♦ All online orders to above countries are Free shipping for 3 or more pieces per order.






















► After receiving the order, the items will be shipped within 3 days.
► If the order quantity is over 4pcs, it would be shipped/delivered by multiple parcels, Please pay attention to check the shipment details you received.
► Because delivery time to every country is not the same, Please waiting patiently during the goods delivery time after placing the order. You also can check on the status of your shipment by tracking number. Thank you for your patience, Maybe you will have a surprise after receiving the product !
Note: If your country is not on the list above, please contact our customer service center at for a solution.